Households will soon be able to enjoy a meal on a restaurant's patio.

As Winnipeg sees a glimpse of spring, the Mayor is announcing the second season of its summer patio permit program. 

"I am expecting patio season is going to pretty busy this year," Mayor Biran Bowman says. "People are anxious to get outside and enjoy the summer in a normal year. 

First envisioned in 2020 to help support local businesses during the pandemic, a permit program to allow temporary patios to be registered will continue into 2021. 

"Many of the restaurants that are going to be applying are local businesses that hopefully Winnipeggers will support."

In the winter, the city began the process of allowing winter patios to open, but due to restrictions, the idea did not manifest past the planning stage. Now, the winter is melting away and Bowman wants to visit patios again.

"I am going to be doing my best to frequent local businesses that have patios in a matter that is safe."

Businesses can now apply for a temporary patio permit.

Businesses can apply to have a patio from April 1 to October 31. The five dozen restaurants that had a temporary permit last summer will need to reapply. These applications will be expedited. Bowman says it was simplified to help businesses. 

Jason Shaw, the City's Emergency Operations Centre Manager, says the patio reopenings ultimately will depend on the pandemic, Public Health Orders, and the weather.

The current health orders say only a household can be seated indoors at a restaurant.