Winnipeg's Mayor says he is glad to see the province mandate masks in Winnipeg.

Bowman says the rising number of cases in Winnipeg is concerning and calls it a setback in the city's previous success. 

"Over the last number of weeks, we have seen COVID-19 cases rise steadily across the province and in the City of Winnipeg," Mayor Brian Bowman says.

Winnipeg has been recording the most number of cases in one region in the past couple of weeks.

"We have weathered many storms before," Bowman says. "We do need to get back on track and flatten the curve."

"Make no mistake, I am very pleased to see the province leading on this," Bowman says about the provincial mandate on masks in Winnipeg.

The Mayor says Winnpegers do not need to wait until Monday to follow the new rules.

"I really want to see Winnipeggers, I am asking Winnipeggers, to embrace this challenge. Come together to embrace these public health orders."

Manager of City of Winnipeg Emergency Operations Centre Jay Shaw says that the city will be assessing the new orders to assure they are following them. Shaw says the city is cancelling all group bookings over 10 people and all city-led events.

Currently, the city believes the changes will not affect operations in libraries and arenas but are seeking clarification from the province.

"Right now is the time for governments to be working together," Bowman says.

The city will be conducting conversations with the province over the weekend to confirm.