Tim Tebow's wife, Demi-Leigh, is officially an author.

On Monday, Tebow announced that she will release her first book, A Crown that Lasts: You Are Not Your Label, later this year. 

"When I sat down to begin writing it a few years ago, I realized I had so much internal work I still needed to do in order to write the message I felt God was calling me to write," said Tebow in a post on social media. "I realized that writing this book was just as much for myself as it was for you all, and it’s something I’m still learning too!"


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She says the message in the book isn't one she felt worthy of sharing but felt called by God to share.

"When I stood on the stage and handed over my Miss Universe crown to the next, very deserving winner, it felt like I gave away part of my own identity with that crown. I had placed so much of my confidence in a temporary title." Tebow explained. "The more I dug into this, I realized that so many of us do the same thing."

Tebow's prayer is that God will use her experiences, stories and lessons to help others to claim their true identity and become more confident in God. 

"Together, let’s unfold the next chapters of our lives with a firm foundation, unwavering confidence, and God-given purpose."

A Crown that Lasts: You Are Not Your Label will hit shelves on Aug. 13, 2024.