Last year, young Everly James lost her grandmother to cancer.

Since making bracelets is something the two enjoyed doing together, Everly turned their hobby into a fundraiser in honour of Alitta James.

Last Friday, the bracelet stand reappeared on the front lawn of the James' home in Winkler. 

Everly was excited to sell more bracelets, while Grady Goertzen chose to sell cookies and lemonade. 

Jordan James, Everly's dad, says it took a whole community to make the project happen.

From left: Rachel and Jordan James with daughter Everly; Rick James, husband of the late Alitta James; Jeniliee Goertzen with her husband and son Grady.From left: Rachel and Jordan James with daughter Everly; Rick James, husband of the late Alitta James; Jeniliee Goertzen with her husband and son Grady.

"I know that the kids have been making bracelets like crazy. But then also us getting together as family and friends, and the whole group together, making lots of bracelets. Last year our goal was 100. Those 100 sold out in about the first hour or so. So, this year we set a higher goal."

This year a total of over 678 to bracelets were sold, with the day's sales totaling just under $1,100. 

James says it's special that both children care and are excited about the project. 

Each bracelet contained letters that spelled words describing Alitta - joyful, loving, kind, caring, courageous, brave, plus some that simply spelled out her name.

Lemonade being sold for CancerCare in Winkler.

Jenilee Goertzen, Grady's mother, says the kids were close to their grandmother.

"She had Melanoma cancer. This year all proceeds go to Cancer Care Manitoba, but specifically to Melanoma. Our kids really wanted to support that cause, because they watched their grandma go through six years of that, and they're hoping to help others through that journey."

Their grandmother inspired the children, added Jordan.

"She said, find joy in the journey, and you can tell in the grandkids now that is what they are doing. Also, this is a helpful thing, I think for them, because as we're doing this, we're looking at pictures of grandma, and we're having conversations about grandma and how wonderful she was. It's a good way to remember Grandma."

Lemonade being sold.

Rick James, the children's grandpa, says next weekend Health Sciences Centre will unveil a plaque in honour of his wife, Alitta with an award ceremony to follow at Fort Whyte Centre.

"They’ll be giving us these lanterns to send off. It's just beautiful."

Last year's sales are playing a part in the presentation added Jordan.

"[Everly] brought [the money] to CancerCare [Foundation] in the city. As part of that, they were able to have this plaque created in honor of my mom but also [in honour] of how much funds were raised by these sweet grandkids who were just so passionate about this."

All the proceeds from the sale will go toward supporting the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

*With files from Abby Wall