He took two years off to focus on his family, and now he's returned with a new album on a new record label.

David Bracken is one of the founding members of Winnipeg Christian rock group, Isaiah's Answer, which was well-known in the 2000s. In fact, the band was nominated for a Covenant Award in 2006. That's the same year that Bracken also decided to venture out on his own in music ministry.

For 10 years he toured from the East Coast to the West Coast of Canada and everywhere in between. It was a life and calling he loved but at the same time one that wore him down over the years.

"I toured so much that it got to the point a couple years ago I was getting burned out," he says. "Being on the road so much, and touring so much, and singing so much, and being away from my wife and kids so much, I really felt I needed to be home more."

While he wrestled with these feelings and prayed, Bracken says it was God who brought him to a season of rest.

"It was the fall of 2016 after 10 years of doing full-time ministry I just felt God tugging on my heart saying, 'Take some time off.'"

Bracken's taken the last two years to rest and enjoy time with his family. Now he's signed to a new record label, Dovefire Music, and is releasing a brand new album today, Everything to Me.

It's an acoustic EP. "It's kind of more a precursor to what's coming," he says. "Probably later this year, or early next year, there's going to be a full-length album.

"But this I'm really excited about. I've always wanted to do an acoustic album. Just very laid back," he says.

The five-song EP is available for download anywhere you can by music online. 

You can also purchase it at davidbracken.com, "Or, you can buy it out of the trunk of my car," he says with a laugh. You can contact Bracken through his website to purchase a physical copy of the album.