In a press conference, the Winnipeg Airports Authority announced the importance of serving the community and other goals they will strive towards for the next five years.

During the Winnipeg Airports Authority's (WAA) Annual Public Meeting they revealed to those in attendance the direction they will be working towards in their five-year strategic plan.

They recognize that the past few years have changed the world and they are now working towards a recovery phase and reimagining the future of Winnipeg airports under new and brighter circumstances.

WAA will work towards providing safe work environments, where employees are valued to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

They hope to make responsible investments for the benefit of everyone that uses the airport. This will include, but not be limited to, increasing Winnipeg's connectivity to the world by investing in passenger and cargo traffic recovery and growth, as well as improving the quality of travel.

Customer and community service will be a top priority for WAA, as they continue to improve community relations, boost economic and social development opportunities and increase overall satisfaction.

The WAA also hopes to work towards developing a culture of environmental stewardship by reducing its environmental impact. They plan on collaborating with their partners and stakeholders to take on environmentally-sustainable practices and solutions. it is their overall goal to create a plan to deliver a net zero decarbonized future.

Rooted in their past and focusing on the path and aspirations ahead, they call this a bold new journey taking flight.

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