In Nigeria two hundred and seventy six school girls between the ages of 12 and 17 have been abducted. The Boko Haram Islamists are taking credit for the abductions and via YouTube been threatening to sell the girls off on the black market. Parents of the abducted girls are protesting their perceived government’s “indifference” to the mass abductions. Their anger and fear continue due to the reports of their girls being sold as wives in other foreign countries.

On the Morning Refresh with CHVN Deborah Olukoju, one of the pastors from Immanuel Fellowship Church in Winnipeg and originally from Nigeria, wants to encourage Christians around Manitoba to participate and take what action they can to help. She brought to CHVN a poster that had listed the names of 180 of the girls who have been reported missing. As she scanned down the list of names she explained how painful it was for her to go to church and to see the young girls of her congregation. 

She quotes “looking at these young girls and the thought of them just being snatched and taken away from their families as I can just hear their cries for help wanting their mothers and fathers. Its just heartbreaking and devastating to any mother or human being in that matter to hear about this tragic event that has occurred.”

Nigerians have called out and asked for support from the world. The US has stepped in as Barack Obama confirms Nigeria has accepted the deployment of an American team of experts to help find the girls and Canada has offered to provide surveillance equipment to Nigeria, to help with the country's search as requested by the Nigerians government.

The Nigerian government has requested foreigners to collect signatures for government intervention and after care and deliver to Nigerian embassies.

This Friday evening Immanuel Fellowship Church will be hosting a Lament Prayer at 479 St. Mary’s Rd. The prayer starts at 7pm and will run for about three hours. People are encouraged to attend to pray with pastors from around the city who will be leading the prayers. Also on Sunday a Solidarity Rally is being planned by the Nigerian Association of Manitoba. The rally will be at the  Manitoba Legislative building beginning at 1pm. People from across Manitoba are encouraged to attend and stand in solidarity.