Playing in thousands of theatres across the U.S.A, The Chosen Christmas special is not set to hit any Canadian theatres in December. 

The number one highest crowd-funded project ever, The Chosen TV series has been accessible for anyone in the world through its own app. The series has released two seasons of the show about Jesus' life, as well as the people he interacted with. 

Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers is the first episode of the series to hit the big screens, but only in the States. 

Viewers were beyond excited as ticket sales hit $1.2 million in the first 12 hours. 

"Originally slated to premiere in 1079 theatres, we've already added 450+ locations and thousands of screens to satisfy demand, and anticipate these numbers will continue to grow," says Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events

The Chosen TV series consistently ranks in the top 20 entertainment apps and has already been translated into 50 languages.

This Christmas special includes CCM artists that perform a Christmas song on the set. Phil Wickham, Maverick City Music, For King and Country, Brandon Lake, Cain, Leanna Crawford, Jordan Feliz, and Matt Maher will all be a part of the special event. 

The movie will play from December 1 to 10 in participating U.S. theatres.

Reaching out the Fathom Events, the company showing the film in theatres across the U.S, they shared, "As Dallas mentioned in the live stream, it will be made available to the world after the Fathom release."