If you have not been to the Canadian Human Rights Museum, you should take the opportunity and make your way over there, especially with two recent announcements made recently by the CHMR that increase your access to the museum in two important ways.

Starting this Wendesday, January 14th, the museum will be open later ever Wednesdays - til 8pm. While admission is also going to be free from 4-8 pm this inaugural Wednesday, starting in February every first Wednesday of the month will be feature free admission from 4-8. As Gail Stephens, CMHR interim president and CEO, points out, "Evening hours will help us serve a portion of the population that may not have time during the day or on the weekend, or those who wish to see the Museum in a different light."

For all of its controversies, the Museum contains powerful and creative storytelling that tracks society's move towards adopting what we refer to as human rights - the belief that people are entitled to inalieble rights and freedoms. Examples including freedom of speech, the right of travel, and the right to food and safety are among the many presented.

Indeed Christians and the church in many ways have a unique understanding of that - a theological belief uniting all churches across the world is the belief in humanity's fallen nature but also of God's extending of infinite grace and love. Arguably, we all hold that God's people wherever they are live lives called fight injustice with God's grace, freedom, and reconciling love. Many great men and women of faith played key roles in furthering this sense of justice understood by the secular realm as human rights.

And this gives God's people much to talk about. If you get a chance to go and visit the human rights, I can guarantee you will not only find more compelling stories of humanity in action that you could have expected, but you will leave with many questions and be inspired to reflect on the connection between those stories and the one called Jesus that we all profess our faith in.