A local teacher is hoping her stolen USB filled with Christian music might act as a witness to the thief that stole it from her car. 

"On Tuesday morning I got up to go to work. I walked out into what's supposed to be a secured indoor parking lot. I was just about to unlock the door and all I could see was garbage all over the seats," says Joyce Perreault.

That's when Perreault began investigating. As she walked around her car, she noticed the rear passenger side window had been broken. 

"All I could do was stand there and wonder why. But in the back of my mind, there was that still small voice that told me to stay calm."

To be safe, Perreault went back to her apartment and woke up her husband so he could make sure everything was safe before she continued on. 

"When he came back up, I asked him if there was anything missing. He initially said no but then he said 'Oh your USB stick is gone.'"

From all the items in her car, Perreault believes that's the only thing that was taken. Other cars in the parkade were broken into as well. 

"There's lots of gospel songs and Contemporary Christian Music on it, including my late mothers singing a song on it."

While it was a hard situation, Perreault still feels blessed through it all. 

"I was worried about going to work the next day but everything just fell into place. I know it was because of God's love and prayers. I had a replacement vehicle the next day so I could go to work," she says.

Perreault is an Ojibwe teacher at Sergeant Tommy Prince School and she has a 45-minute drive each way to work. 

"I thank God that He looks after us each and every day. It's the only vehicle I have and it's old but He's always there, keeping it on the road for me."

Perreault has hope that the stolen item might be used for God's Kingdom yet.

"I hope it touches the heart of whoever broke in. I hope they listen to it and heard those beautiful lyrics to the songs," says Perreault.