For 18 years Carine Bado has been singing - now she shares her song with the public.

Bado arrived in Canada 12 years ago from the Ivory Coast.

For the first couple of years in a new country, she attended a french-language church - her native language.

"After that, I changed churches and decided to go to Springs to help me with my English and just help me completely immersed into an anglophone community," says Bado.

At Springs, Bado has sung in the choir, then the vocal team, and now she leads worship in other locations for the church.

She had written songs for years but took a break when she moved to Canada. Her music is self-described as a mix of genres.

"I do sing in Christian music, I sing in French. ... I grew up listening to African and American gospel," says Bado.

Her newest single, 'Say the Lord,' was produced by Juno Award-winning producer, Jordan Jackiew who has worked with artists like Amanda Cook, Fresh IE, and Greg Sczebel. It is one of the first songs she wrote since she moved to Canada and is based on a difficult time in her life. 

Bado says, "I just began to really go back to worship and it was very easy for me to write."

Bado hopes for her listeners to discover their identity in Christ. "My message is really a message of hope. It's a message of knowing that God loves us, God has made us beautiful, strong, and smart."

Bado's prayer is that her music will help others experience God’s love, and nurture their connection with Him in their everyday lives.