Canadian Christian artist Jeff Catto says that "my identity of being a musician has sometimes become more of my identity than things that should take priority." 

Catto says that's why he's decided to step away from music for a season. He made the announcement to his fans on social media on Sunday. He says it came after much prayer.

I lay this at the feet of Jesus and pray that as I go through a changing season, He will continue to prompt me to continue to do ministry, even if it's without a guitar in my hand.

Catto has also performed under the moniker The Lion. His latest single 'Every Season' is currently at number 26 on the Canadian Christian Radio Chart. 'Every Season' was written by Dan Bremnes and Drew Middleton.

For Catto, walking away from his love of music for a time is made easier, he says, knowing that Jesus is with him on the journey.

"He walked with me when life was hard, He walked with me when life was easier and He walks with me on this journey as well. He is in every season. Keep being a blessing to those who need it and pray for opportunities to be more."