Manitoba RCMP Major Crime Services have laid two charges of First Degree Murder for a double homicide two and a half years ago.

On Septemeber 9, 2021, first responders were called to a house fire in Northlands Denesuline First Nation. Upon examination of the scene, officers discovered the remains of Brent Denechezhe, 31, and Leona Tssessaze, 24.

After the investigation, officers learned that Denechezhe, Tssessaze, and a male suspect were together at Denechezhe's home. The suspect left the residence after a disagreement and later returned with a firearm. Investigators believe the homicides occurred upon his return. The suspect then left again, and returned moments later to the residence. The house was then seen engulfed in flames.

Autopsies confirmed the victims died as a result of injuries caused by the firearm.

On April 22, 2024, officers with Manitoba RCMP Major Crime Services attended to Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan, where they arrested a 22-year-old male, originally from Northlands Denesuline First Nation with two counts of First Degree Murder for the double homicide of Denechezhe and Tssessaze. 

The suspect has been transported to Winnipeg, where he remains in custody.

The RCMP continues to seek information on this investigation and asks anyone with knowledge to call the tipline at 431-489-8112. While information is still being sought, investigators do not believe anyone else is involved in the shooting.

“The conclusion we have here today could not have happened without three things – the strength and courage of Brent and Leona’s mothers, Veronique and Ellen; the assistance of the people of Northlands Denesuline First Nation; and the tenacity and dedication of our investigators,” said Superintendent Rob Lasson, Officer in Charge of Manitoba RCMP Major Crime Services in a press release. “While we have been able to provide some answers to Leona and Brent’s families, we cannot take away their immense loss. Our condolences go out to the families and the community, and we hope the arrest of a suspect helps them on their healing journey.”