Inspire Community Outreach is on a mission to help families with children who face daily challenges through their disabilities or neurodiversity. 

Types of neurodiversity include Autism, Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Dyslexia to name a few.

"Inspire's role in the community is to allow and invite families to thrive, meet them where they are, whatever is happening in their life, and love them awhile while things are hard," says Angela Taylor, CEO and founder of Inspire Community Outreach.

Taylor has been working to bless the community in one way or another for the past 24 years. 

"Everyday I wake up and feel so blessed to have this opportunity to love people. I believe we each have a calling to be part of the community, to have a role of love in this world, and the blessings we receive, to be able to disperse that."

Working on her PhD, Taylor also has a lived trauma that has shaped the way she lives today. 

"I lost my mom to mental health concerns when I was a teenager, I was 18. She was 40, quite a young woman, and I raised my one-year-old sister. Although I wouldn't wish that trauma on anybody, the lessons that I learned in getting what you need and how you need it, finding a sense of belonging and acceptance, is the basis of the charity I started 10 years ago."

Taylor lives with neurodivergencies herself, and is a mother to children with neurodivergencies as well. 

"Beyond my education and all the things you can do to put letters after your name, really it's about that lived experience."

Upcoming Conference 

The Empowered Families Conference is a free one-day event that runs on February 25 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m at the Maples Complex in Winnipeg.

"It's a partnership of many different organizations, including the Seven Oaks School Division. We come together to listen to the hearts and minds of community members."

There will be speakers throughout the day, snacks, and different resources depending on families needs. 

"We understand that families that include children with disabilities know their families, know their children, and know what they need."

Taylor will be one of the speakers during the event in the afternoon.

"I'm talking about positive parenting for complex kids. How do you maintain calm, how do you connect when our kids are often harder to connect to. Plus, their sensitivities are also our sensitivities. We talk about these things in a normalized, loving, accessible way."

Childcare is provided for a minimal fee to allow people to come regardless. For registration, click here

"Bring your respite worker, auntie, grandma. Come and let us love you a little while."