Pregnancy care can and should be taken seriously and treated delicately, and chiropractic care is the perfect way to do both.

A common worry is that chiropractic care during pregnancy can lead to complications and cause harm to the baby, says Dr. Jane Peterson from Connect Chiropractic.

Research, however, doesn't support these fears.

"We're always very gentle adjusters," Peterson explained, "but we're very careful with pregnant moms."

The main concern when it comes to adjustments made during pregnancy has to do with balancing the pelvis and sacrum, areas where the baby is developing.

"When that [area] functioning properly, there's a lot less pain but there's also a lot more room for the baby to grow," said Peterson.

Consequences of not adjusting the pelvis and sacrum areas could be pain in the local low-back area, as well as sciatica-type symptoms, which Peterson describes as pain going down the backs of the legs, in this case.

"It can be very uncomfortable for anyone, not just pregnant moms."

A lack of space for a developing child to grow could also occur, limiting movement space inside the womb. This can be especially tight near the end of the third trimester.

One technique used specifically for adjustments done on pregnant women is the Webster Technique, something Peterson is specialized in.

The analysis and adjustment technique is specific to pregnant women, focusing on the pelvis and sacrum. "Webster Technique allows us to analyze what it is that needs to be corrected or functioning better."

Most of the time, moms feel better almost instantly, Peterson explained, emphasizing the check-then-recheck component of the Technique.

Another issue commonly occurring in women who are pregnant, adds Dr. Trevor Clark, can include trouble sleeping, often having to do with physical discomfort.

According to Clark, these are often caused by misalignments in the spine and pelvis, leading to higher susceptibility to the pain types described above by Peterson.

"If you're in a lot of pain and discomfort, of course, that is going to affect your ability to get comfortable and sleep," Clark says. A quick and gentle alignment, however, can result in pressure being removed from your nerves, resulting in a better sleep cycle.

The most tangible benefit possible for pregnant patients when it comes to chiropractic care? "Pain relief," states Peterson. In a season of life when over-the-counter medications are not entirely an option, chiropractic care can act as a more natural way of alleviating pain and discomfort.

Another benefit, Peterson says, can be reduced labour times. While this is not a guaranteed result, gentle alignment often works extremely well when it comes to relaxing the body and assisting it in performing to its maximum capacity.