A Christian rapper says he wants his new album to bring people back to the basics of faith in Jesus, 'we saw Him, we loved Him, and we want to tell people about Him.'

Rapper and hip-hop artist known as KB is mixing a unique sound in his music as he melds contemporary Christian sound with rap verses. 

The title of the new album, His Glory Alone, is a reminder to people and KB himself where the real glory belongs. 

"I've been saying the three letters HGA for many years now," KB told Christian Post reporter, Jeannie Law during a recent interview. "It was foundational for me. The beginning of my 'mission' if you will, was that I wanted to help people to realize who they were and who God was."

The album was released on September 25 and it is his fourth studio album.

"What never fades is those who go directly after King Jesus. If you see King Jesus in His glory, you come alive."

The whole album is worship in a new way, deflecting the glory away from humans and onto God. For anyone singing on stage to thousands, even for Christian artists, it can be easy to hear the adoration and take it personally, according to KB.

"When you connect with His glory and your meaning and purpose, the world comes alive, racism dies, social justice thrives, people's joy is secure, so on and so forth."

As of now, the album is No. 3 on the Contemporary Christian Albums Chart and No. 4 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums Chart.

"Worship has had a big impact on me. It took me places and kept me from places and that is why it has had such a profound impact in my life," says KB.

He attended Trinity Bible College in Florida before he became a rapper. 

"I did not like church, so I endured church until I became a believer at 16." It was after this point when KB started appreciating worship songs.

During the interview, KB shares his love for David Crowder Band and how he listened to this music on the way to the mission field after University. He shares that the first time he heard David Crowder sing, he was on his face weeping.

"This music has been an accelerant for my Christian devotion, and my love for God. Hillsong too."

His album has 13 tracks, some of which feature popular worship songs like a version of Matt Redman's popular chorus in "10,000 Reasons."

When it comes to his album, KB says, "I'm just hoping it makes people love Jesus more."