A Christian family that was forced to flee Pakistan after false blasphemy charges were laid is praying fervently that they can get to Canada.

Hania and Suleman, now live with their three children (aged 10, 14, 15) in Malaysia. However, they live in constant fear of a Malaysian immigration crackdown that would result in them being deported, and Suleman being arrested. The family fled Pakistan after a contractor demanded more money from Suleman and then falsely accused him of blasphemy when he refused to pay. Blasphemy convictions often result in the death penalty in Pakistan.

Hania has been battling stage 4 breast cancer in Malaysia and they hoped to arrive in Canada where she could receive better treatment. However, the cancer has recently spread to her lungs and she has been transitioned to hospice care.

Hania laying in a hosptial bed with a breathing maskHania had trouble breathing recently and was taken back to the hospital where it was discovered the cancer had spread to her lungs.

The family is still hoping to make it to Canada, though, where they will be free from worry of deportation, and where their children will have better access to education. 

A church in British Columbia is sponsoring the family, but needs help in raising the funds to cover them for their first year in Canada.

The family says their children are dreaming of freedom and better education. The kids want to be a doctor, engineer, and pastor.

The kids stand holding signs saying: we need freedom, we need better education, and we need your help

Marcy Franck is one of the organizers working to get the family to Canada through the Christian organization NuDay.

"Now more than ever I feel the urgency to get this family to Canada," Franck says.

"Let's show up for her so she knows we've got her back and that her kids will live a safe life with a great education and opportunities to thrive."