A local church wants to make sure all children can get a fresh start to the school year regardless of family income.

Linda Roberts says that last year, St. Bartholomew Anglican Church got the idea to host an event for children in the community to help them prepare for school.

"It is called the Back-to-School Project. What we do is reach out to families in our community who are in need of assistance when kids are getting back to school," Roberts says. "It is just a 'help out the neighbour' kind of project."

School supplies, new clothing, and haircuts are something many children look forward to when they go back to school, but not every family can afford those things. St. Barts wanted to make sure children in their community could, regardless of financial status.

"One of the things that are really important in our parish is to reach out to the local community and to connect."

Expecting 20 children to show up, the church was surprised to see over 80 children arrive at last summer's event for supplies. 

St. Barts was well-prepared and even was able to donate extra supplies to the school across the street.

"We offer free hair cuts, we have clothing available for children to pick out an outfit... but we also have backpacks and school supplies for kids that need that kind of thing." 

The church was thrilled that many so people were able to use their event.

This year, Roberts thinks they will have high attendance numbers once again but says it almost was not going to happen. 

"With church services not taking place, we have not had the same amount of stuff coming in. We definitely needed extra support this year."

Roberts says their MLA, Audrey Gordon, helped them arrange donors for the event.

On Monday from three to eight p.m, the church will be waiting to give out backpacks, clothing, and even free haircuts for children in need.

"We enjoy doing it ourselves. It is so rewarding and you get a chance to connect with so many families in our community."

Roberts says that they are still taking donations, which can be dropped off late Monday morning at the church at 881 Autumnwood Drive.