A new church in Winnipeg believes that God has "hopes and dreams" for the city.

Rose church, a new church in Winnipeg set to launch in the fall, is releasing a new piece of music to inspire others.

"It is an absolutely amazing song written by some absolutely amazing people."

Mark Roslund, one of the church's pastors, says that the worship team is full of talented musicians, including members from Bold as Lions, who are passionate about the church.

"We have amazing, great people," Roslund says about his worship group. "Talented musicians who are just a part of our team."

Rose Church is releasing a new worship song called "Change my Heart" with its Rose Worship team. The church says they hope the new song inspires people to worship.

Roslund says that Karli Quigley (Bold as Lions) wrote most of the song's lyrics and brought it to the group.

"The team began to really pray about and seek God's will and His heart for the song," Roslund says. "It is an absolutely amazing song written by some absolutely amazing people."

The church's decision to intentionally create worship music was important for Roslund as a Canadian. He says the church discovered that there was a lot of worship music coming from outside of Canada, but they wanted to change that.

"We just felt the conviction that Canada needs to rise up, that God has given us a unique perspective... and that it was time for Canada to stop shying away and to begin declaring, with boldness, our sound." 

Roslund adds that we need to "step into who God is calling us to be" as Christians in Canada.

Rose Church is set to launch in September. The church hopes to reach out to Winnipeggers to help then learn about God.

"We just want to see heaven come to earth. We want to see God's will be done in Winnipeg."

Their goal is to share the gospel with everyone, letting them know that God "loves and cares" about them.

The church is still in its launching phase, but Roslund is excited to begin sharing worship with others.