Two Winnipeg streets are one step closer to being renamed. 

After City Council's approval of a street renaming bylaw on Thursday, Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Grandin Street are moving towards being renamed in a way that honours the experiences of Indigenous residential and day school survivors, and the children who didn’t make it home.

Council approved the following name changes:

  • Bishop Grandin Boulevard to Abinojii Mikanah (A-bin-oh-gee Mee-kin-ah)
  • Grandin Street to Taapweewin Way (Tap-way-win)

The next step is for the City to complete registration of survey plans with the Winnipeg Land Titles Office. It’s anticipated that this process will take approximately three to four weeks to conclude.

When completed, property owners and occupants of homes and businesses who are impacted by the name change will be notified. 

In the coming weeks, signage along these roads will be changed, starting with overhead signs, followed by street name signs. Motorists are advised that the installation of new overhead signs marking Abinojii Mikanah will require temporary, intermittent lane and road closures while the work is undertaken.

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Winnipeg Transit’s schedule and route map will reflect the new names when it releases its summer schedule on Sunday, June 16.

The City will formally mark the renaming at ceremonies guided by Elders in June.

For more information on the process of renaming Bishop Grandin Boulevard, Bishop Grandin Trail, and Grandin Street, please visit: