City Hall already has their sights set on Christmas as they search for this year's Christmas tree. 

The City is looking for a large spruce tree to act as this year's City Hall Christmas tree. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the City if they are interested in donating the tree.

The tree that is donated must be located in the front yard of a home with direct access and no overhead utilities, should be 12 to 15 metres tall, and be fully symmetrical with one truck and no brown needles.

Once all interested parties have submitted their tree, the City's Urban Forestry Branch will select the tree that best meets these criteria. Homeowners will not receive compensation but will have the tree and stump removed from the yard for free.

Last year's tree was donated by Antony van Kinkel, who donated the tree in honour of her late wife, Rosemary, who died in 2012. It was her wish to see their spruce tree decorated with lights at City Hall.