The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) is extending the open-air fire ban for the city because of the extremely dry conditions. 

The new open-air first ban will be in effect until August 11, at 6:00 pm as the next two weeks are forecasted to be quick dry on top of already dry conditions. 

It means all Winnipeg residents are prohibited from engaging in the following activities, even if a permit has previously been issued:

  • Open fires
  • Backyard fire pits
  • Fireworks
  • Fire pits in City parks
  • Use of solid fuel-burning appliances, including charcoal and wood-burning barbecues.

People wishing to use their propane and gas barbecues, fire tables, and household smokers and barbecues that use pellets are allowed, but they should be used with caution.

Anyone found violating this ban can be subject to a $500 fine under the Neighbourhood Liveability By-law.

Residents are reminded to call 9-1-1 if they see a fire. To report restricted activities during a fire ban, residents are asked to contact 3-1-1.

On top of the open-air fire ban, people are prohibited from burning yard waste, garbage, or scrap material within city limits.

People who smoke cigarettes are not allowed to throw their butts out the window of a moving car, or put out the cigarette in any vegetation. Butts should also never be put out in planter pots.

To prevent fires, the City of Winnipeg says watering plants and vegetation in the area surrounding people's home is also important, particularly in the first 10 meters around the house.