Manitoba's Indian community and a small church congregation are moved to pray for the loved ones of a family who died tragically in a winter storm.

On Wednesday morning, four people from one family were found dead 10 meters from the U.S. and Canada border, not far from the border crossing in Emerson. This included an infant, a woman, a man, and who RCMP Manitoba believes to be a teenage boy.

The India Association of Manitoba says their hearts and prayers are with the family of the four people who tragically lost their lives. Ramandeep Grewal, the president of the India Association of Manitoba says her community was shocked to learn what happened.

"We are devastated by hearing the recent tragedy where members of our community died in a tragic incident," he says in a statement. "Our hearts and prayers are with the family of the deceased."

Grewal says they are in touch with the Consulate General of India in Toronto. The consulate general has seen gotten in touch with their resources regarding the deaths.

"We request all the community members not to take such extreme actions in this unforgivable cold," Grewal says. "Keep yourself and your families safe."

Five other people were part of a group trekking 11 hours in blizzard conditions this week, with two of them needing to go to the hospital for serious injuries. The group of five Indian nationals made it to the U.S after separating from the family overnight.

Sunday's mass at a church in Emerson, Chaplaincy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, will say a prayer for the lives lost in the freezing cold near their town. As the community grieves this grim discovery, a small congregation will dedicate part of their Sunday mass to them.

"We ask all Catholics with the diocese to pray for this family," a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Sainte Boniface says.

Chaplaincy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus may only have roughly a dozen in-person attendees, but the spokesperson says they will be praying. He hopes people join them in praying for their families.