A clinical counsellor is in awe at the transformation taking place in students through Adult & Teen Challenge. 

Love is the foundation of every clinical counselling session for people recovering from addictions and it makes all the difference, according to James Kalimina. He is the Clinical Counsellor at Adult & Teen Challenge and has been there ever since completing his degree at Providence College five years ago.

"We embrace the integration of the variety of evidence based on our practice, to provide our students with educational tools, experiences, and support them along the way as they're in the program just to bring that sense of hope in their recovery," says Kalimina. 

He provides the space for students to walk through some of the things they're battling emotionally as they continue to recover and heal. 

Seeing students' transformation as they journey through the 4-Tier program Kalimina says, "is absolutely amazing. For me personally, in my walk with them, it's rewarding. It's also how we grow spiritually as well. It's been remarkable and life-giving."

The counsellor says that faith in God is central. 

"Basically the main ingredient in all this is love. While we do a lot of clinical work here, the main ingredient is love. Without that, even the scriptures tell us, everything is empty. Love really brings healing too, it shows how much we care. Empathy and a non-judgemental aspect also come out of that. Without love, nothing can work."

This time of year brings moments of reflection and all that God has done in the past 12 months, according to Kalimina. 

"We don't do this work alone. We do this work with the community supporting us."

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