John and Liz De Vries are hoping you will join them to pray and strategize on how a family could be rescued and brought to Winnipeg.

John and Liz first heard of this family's plight from churches in Sioux Lookout who had worked together to sponsor two families to move to Manitoba.

The family John and Liz are hoping to help are Christians originally from Pakistan who had to flee to Thailand but are now in danger of being sent back. The De Vries couple fears what the family would experience if they were to go back to Pakistan.

The father in the Pakistani family had started a school in their home country and several other family members either taught or were students there. It was offered for free to the children in the community and everything was running smoothly until a young girl of a different faith accused one of his daughters of stepping on her holy book, ruining some of the scripture written in it. This caused such turmoil that they had to leave the country for their own safety. 

The cost of sponsoring a family is $35,000. Now John and Liz are hoping that other Manitobans will join them to find out how they can work together to sponsor this family in moving to Winnipeg.

Their meeting is Monday, March 6 at 7:00 p.m., and is being held at the Winnipeg E-Free Church, 500 Lagimodiere.

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