It's not your typical ministry.

Every Monday morning, around half a dozen people make their way to The Urban, a West End Church, to take part in their Crock Pot Class.

Deborah Kerr, Ministry Manager at The Urban, says the unique ministry was created after one of the staff at the church realized, that for many people living in the inner city, especially those in rooming and boarding houses, there was no way to prepare a meal...

That's when the class came to life.

Every Monday, students arrive at the class and are introduced to a dish. From there they test it, critique it and then go into the kitchen and prepare the meal.

Everything is put into the slow cooker except for the liquids, which they are encouraged to add at home.

Kerr says the class not only teaches students how to cook using a slow cooker, but how to substitute recipes to work with what they have received from the food bank. She says it also gives them dignity and meaning...

At the end of the six week class, each participant is sent home with a kitchen in a bag, which consists of a 4-5 litre slow cooker, a cutting board, two knives, a vegetable peeler, a grater, brushes for cleaning vegetables, a bowl with a colander, measuring utensils, a bag of about ten different herbs and spices and another bag filled with cleaning supplies.

Kerr says their goal for 2014 is to host regular cooking classes for those with access to a kitchen.