We may not think about Christmas music until December (or for the very jolly sometime in November) but musicians who hope to record an entire Christmas album need to start thinking about it long before mid-November. For those, like Canadian Carolyn Arends, who are looking to crowd-fund their effort have to think even earlier.

Based out of Surrey, British Columbia Carolyn Arends is no stranger to recording with 11 albums to her name and one previous Christmas album already recorded in 2004 and entitled Christmas: An Irrational Season.

Like Winnipeg artist Steve Bell, Arends has opted to crowd-fund her project through Kickstarter and within a day of releasing the news to her fans - the project is already fully funded. She was asking for $11,000 and at the time of publishing had already reached $12,930.

That does not mean however the Kickstarter campaign is over. Arends is promoting a number of "Stretch Goals", a trend within the Kickstarter community. A "Stretch Goal" is a milestone where new additions are added to the project IF that milestone is reached. Unlike the original goal however if the Stretch Goals are not reached all funding is still given to the project starter.

Arends first stretch goal of $17,000 is to bring back her favourite producer Greg Reely to mix and master the project.

To contribute to the project and partake in some of the rewards being offered (a digital download of the album is the cheapest reward at $10) head on over to Arends's Kickstarter page.