Danny Plett hopes his latest single will serve as a reminder that God is not challenging us, rather he is strengthening us.

Plett says the new single, 'As Diamond cuts Diamond', released on February 1, 2022, was inspired by the current pandemic and having gone through a really hard time nine years ago. 

"The song is a prayer to God saying, make me fit to do life, make me fit to do what you have for me to do. Make me strong, train me, coach me," said Plett. "Sometimes that coaching and that training, it's like a diamond cutting diamond. It's not a very pleasant process."

Plett says when God hands us challenges or when challenges are put in our pathway by extenuating circumstances, we can feel hammered or pushed beyond our comfort zone but he says that is when we should invite God in to train us, to coach us and to make us stronger.

When working on 'As Diamond cuts Diamond', Plett wanted a fresh view, so he reached out to Australian drummer and producer Luke Munns to help reach that goal.

"I wanted a different kind of view of things. He is out in Brisbane, he used to be in Hillsong United and I wanted that kind of a fresh approach. So, I reached out to him and he produced the song and mastered and mixed it," said Plett. "I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I'm looking forward to sharing it with people."

Not only is songwriting keeping Danny busy these days, but he is also involved in an organization called Teach Beyond.

"The focus is on transformational education. The idea being Christian teachers will go into different school situations internationally to bring their Christian worldview and testimony to bear on the surroundings that they find themselves in."

There are currently 1000 teachers and workers in 65 countries doing this work. Plett does mentoring, workshops, seminars and concerts that bring the message of Christ and the gospel to people.

Today on Connections, Danny shares what the past couple of years have been like for himself and his family. He'll also chat about his new single.