David Leonard is asking for prayer as he works to create a new recording space for Christian artists. 

For years, Leonard and a few friends ran a studio, literally seconds away from their new space. About two years ago, David bought an old church in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, with intentions of transforming it into a new and updated recording studio. 

"We've been held up for about two months on inspections and permits and all kinds of things," said Leonard. "Man, it is tough, so I'm reaching out for prayer."

In a video on Instagram, David asked for prayer from fans, other artists and people he has worked alongside, for breakthroughs and green lights so things can move along.


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"This is very near and dear to me, and this is very special and needed in this community," said Leonard. " We're so close. We want to get it done."

Leonard recently released a new single called 'Good Man.' He is also preparing to head out on a special tour alongside Zach Williams and Josh Baldwin.