Hundreds of people are flocking to stadiums across Europe in what one ministry is calling a 'fire of revival.'

Jean-Luc Trachsel Ministries delivered a message about two weeks ago in Paris, France, where over 25,000 people attended. This past weekend Jean-Luc held two conferences in Hungary and Italy with hundreds of people being saved and moved. 

"Another place in Europe where God is moving in a glorious way!" said Jean-Luc in a post on social media. "Fire of revival is spreading everywhere in Europe to hungry and thirsty people. Stop to watch and dare why it’s not coming at your place.  Go to your knees and cry out to The Lord of the harvest to save your region."

The conference in Hungary was held at the DVTK Stadium in Miskolc, which can seat 15,000 people. All of those seats were filled, and according to Trachsel, 1,300 of those in attendance gave their lives to Christ.

Meanwhile, during a three-day conference in Italy, Trachsel says he witnessed many miracles. 

"Holy Spirit came again upon the children who came with me on the stage. We anointed them and they went to the crowd to heal the sick and some started to prophesy over the people!" said Trachsel in a post on social media. "The Lord was there to heal all kinds of diseases."

Jean Trachsel is now preparing to host a Revival School and Revival Miracles and Healings Night in Paris, France on June 15, 2024.