As another blizzard moves into the province and several highway closures are already in place the RCMP is reminding the public that closed means closed.

Confusion sometimes occurs for motorists because they may hear that a highway is closed but then they do not see barricades or police present to indicate the closure. The RCMP says that officers, closure gates and/or variable message signs may not be present at closure locations.

Motorists should listen to the radio and check the provinces highway conditions map for the latest details. While you may see others driving on a highway, that doesn't mean it's open if it's been listed as closed.

Police remind the public that a closed highway means travel is not allowed for any reason. There is a potential for charges under the Highway Traffic Act for a fine of $203. Also, emergency vehicles may not be able to reach you if help is needed.

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If highways are open but conditions are difficult, the RCMP also offers some advice. Police urge the public that if it is absolutely necessary to head out, that you make sure you are dressed warm, that you have a full tank of gas and that somebody is aware of the route you are taking.

If you are on the road and you get stranded, you should call police, make sure your tailpipe is clear of snow and then only turn your car on intermittently to stay warm.


With files from Shannon Dueck