Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, was recently featured on a remix of 'Use This Gospel' where he is singing about faith in Jesus. 

He has a long-standing history as a rapper with explicit lyrics, many include curse words, references to drug use, and beating his wife. In the public eye, he wears no halo. 

However, the lyrics he raps in this new single show a different side of Eminem. 

The single is a remix of Kanye West's 'Use This Gospel' created by DJ Khalid, who is a professing Muslim. While Khalid sings/raps, the song only has West and Eminem's vocals on it, all pointing to faith in a Christian God. 

This may not be the first time Eminem has sung about Christianity or faith in God. 

In the new remix single, Eminem also raps about wrestling with Satan and his temptations. 

The message Eminem portrays to the public may be confusing, seeing as his brand new album Curtain Call 2 released this year has a picture on the front of him holding up his forefinger and pinky up to his head akin to devil horns. The album is a collection of his greatest hits after 2005. 

The rap artist has had a tumultuous on-and-off relationship with his high school sweetheart Kim Scott, whom he married and divorced twice. They share a daughter together, Hailie Mathers. 

Eminem has also been vocal in his fight against mental health, rapping about depression in a few of his songs, calling it 'theraputic.'