Bundle up, Manitoba.

The Prairies have been gripped by a multi-day episode of frigid temperatures as an arctic air mass has settled over the region. 

An extreme cold warning remains in effect for southern Manitoba, ranging from the U.S. border as far north as Pelican Rapids on the west side of Lake Winnipeg and Berens River on the east. 

As of Monday morning, extreme cold warnings have also been issued in the northern regions of Brochet and Churchill. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada warns that the extreme cold, combined with winds of 15 to 30 km/h, will result in wind chill values ranging from minus 40 to minus 50 at times.  

Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill.

And don't forget that if it is too cold for you to stay outside, it is too cold for your pets as well. 

Relief is on the way, however. 

Warmer temperatures are expected to arrive in parts of the province by mid-Monday, says Kyle McAulay, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

"It looks like for the Red River Valley... and also north and east of that area... most of those (warnings) are going to be lifted up today as temperatures rise," he says. 

For residents in the southwest corner of the province, the warnings are expected to be more persistent -- returning later in the day as temperatures dip again. 

"The extreme colds will be returning again tonight -- as in Monday night, Tuesday morning," says McAulay. 

"Temperatures do gradually improve day-by-day as the week goes on and it looks like we're going to get to more moderate temperatures by the weekend."