From labour camps to an award-winning eye specialist, Dr. Ming Wang's inspiring life story comes alive in the new faith-filled movie Sight

Born in China in the 70s, Wang faced great tribulation as he wound up in a labour camp during China's cultural revolution. During this time Wang was beaten and traumatized after his family was ripped away from him, affecting him for years. 

However, Wang was determined to make a better life. He finished high school within two months before moving to the U.S.A. to become a doctor. 

"Dr. Wang has had an extraordinary life and has an extraordinary story to tell," says Greg Kinnear who stars in the film. "This was a guy who really came from nothing and created something."

Sight follows Wang's life journey, alongside award-winning actors such as Terry Chen portraying Dr. Wang. The movie, released on May 24, is based on Wang's autobiography, From Darkness to Sight.

"The biggest impact of being a Christian over the last many decades is it makes me humble, recognizing that we, as human beings, are ultimately limited. We have to be willing to ask God for help," Dr. Wang said in an interview with The Christian Post

"Second, you must recognize that science and faith work together. Science gives us the tools, you've got to have the real skill to be the top in your field, but at the same time, faith gives me a higher purpose. In my case, in all these studies, the skills I learned during medical training, God is calling me to help those who need the most help, which are blind, orphaned children."

Wang was present throughout filming for the cast. Chen, the actor playing Wang, shared that the man truly lived out his Christian faith after seeing Wang help people medically for free during downtime. 

Wang hopes the film will encourage people to see others as God sees people, created in His image. 

"Even though we're living in a world today full of conflict, sometimes bloodshed, wars, people are killing each other, we need to realize that we as human beings need to change ourselves. Rather than fixate on differences, we should realize that we have such a shared humanity. We need to appreciate our humanity and be more willing to work together. What's a better way of bringing out that message of hope and vision for common ground, than a story of an immigrant who used to not have freedom to remind us how blessed we are living in a country with freedom?"

Sight is available in select theatres as well as for viewing on Angel Studios website, the company that produced The Chosen TV series and Sound of Freedom