One couple took a leap of faith when they left farm life in Saskatchewan and moved to Winnipeg with two of their children to pursue full-time ministry.

Kelly and Lani Wiens are from Beechy, Sask. and have six children. Their youngest two made their way to Winnipeg alongside the couple in preparation for their mission work. 

They are taking the Trek 2020 program. The Wiens family will be in Winnipeg for a total of roughly 18 months while working alongside local ministries. 

Unlike most people taking the Trek program who live at the facility, the family has rented an apartment as their two children are in high school.

Before moving to Winnipeg, Kelly has been a youth pastor for some years as well as farming the land since 2007.

"We're mostly organic crop producers. We did have some cattle for food, some chickens, and pigs, but we just have the crop side of things now."

When they felt that God was calling them away from the farm into mostly ministry, starting here in Winnipeg, it was a concern as to what they should do with the farm.

The decision to make the final leap came after the whole family prayed about moving to Manitoba. The kids were on board but the Wiens extended family had reservations.

"My parents were pretty shocked. I knew it was going to be hard, as we had made some big changes the year before and they thought it meant we were going to stick around."

After a while, both Kelly's parents shared that they were happy that the couple will be sharing the good news of Jesus.

The next hurdle was to find someone to take care of the house and farm. 

Kelly was too busy doing the farm and yard work to start looking for someone to rent their place and take care of the crops. That's when his wife Lani stepped in. 

"She prayed and asked God to bring somebody. Then she posted a little list of some things we need on Facebook. Two days later a lady in our community responded and said we should call her brother."

A short while later the couple struck a deal with this man to take over the house and farm while the Wiens family is away.  

"I did absolutely nothing as the main farm manager. It was a little thing between my wife and God," says Kelly.

Wiens still spends about twenty per cent of his time managing and planning his farm. 

"I anticipate only going to the farm for part of the harvest and not at all during seeding and weeding season."

The couple felt like it was a sign that God did want them to continue their path of moving to Winnipeg.

Once their done with ministry training, the Wiens are looking to start their own ministry incorporating music, writing, quilting, and faith.