Over 200 people use their services on a daily basis.

Agape Table, located in All Saints Church on the corner of Broadway and Colony Street, opens their doors to the city's hungry and less fortunate every morning for a subsidized breakfast. But that's not all, throughout the week Agape Table also offers community members low cost groceries as well as a kids program, where children have the opportunity to learn about nutrition while enjoying a fun activity.

Anne, who has been a patron and volunteer at Agape Table for the past 17 years, says she has seen a lot of change in the neighbourhood...

Anne says it's important to get involved with an organization like Agape Table.

CHVN 95.1FM will be broadcasting live from Agape Table up until Thursday.

Winnipeggers can help out by making a donation.

Call 204-783-6369 or visit chvnradio.com for more information.


UPDATE: $27,017 was raised during the 3 day radiothon.