Successfully sending Bibles into countries that persecute Christians can be a tricky task.

A ministry that specializes in sending Bibles recently sent out 200 Bibles to a church in Nigeria. It's not illegal to send Bibles to Nigeria, but border patrol can make it difficult. 

"We got a call from this lady in Toronto who was a volunteer for an organization called Operation Bible Drop. I believe they're out of the states," says Ryan Rempel with Give the Word. "They raised funds to be able to send Bibles to churches in Africa."

Give the Word is a ministry based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba that provides Bibles for people around the world. 

"The organization found us online and put out a request for 200 Bibles. We were able to honour that. Today we got word that they made it there with pictures of them being handed out."

Sending and receiving shipments may not seem like a big deal, but in many developing countries there can be issues with receiving packages. 

"We've sent Bibles out to Africa maybe a dozen times. It can often take two to three months to get there by boat. It can be a risk if they're even going to make it there at all, but so far they've always made it there."

Nigeria also happens to be the ninth most dangerous country in the world to be recognized as a Christian according to Open Doors World Watch List

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"We had sent about 400 Bibles into Uganda or Kenya. There was some trouble at the border in terms of the amount of Bibles that were showing up there," says Rempel. 

There have been times when authorities find out what is being shipped, and deny it access simply because of the type of material it is. 

"A police officer that was in charge of going over the freight had asked what was in these boxes. They said Bibles and he asked if all of them were Bibles. They said yes. He opened one of the boxes, took one of the Bible out, held it up and said, 'This one's mine.'"

Rempel is used to hearing miracle stories like these when it comes to getting the word of God into people's hands. 

"Little did they know that this man was a new believer and he had yet to have a Bible of his own. Here he was getting his first Bible and they let the shipment pass through, with no issues at all."