Steinbach Bible College (SBC) aims to solidify young people's identity in Christ before they head off into the work force, and that is what the new president of the college has recently witnessed.

"It was my first year as president so I'm learning all kinds of new things every month," says Dave Reimer, President of SBC. "Mission X was exciting where first-year students spent a week in the inner city of Winnipeg. All of our second-year students living up north in northern Manitoba communities, developing honest relationships there, that is a unique thing that happens at SBC."

At the end of April SBC saw 33 students graduate this year. 

"My personal highlight is watching students come in in September trying to find their place in the community. Seeing them come in, shy and quiet, sitting in the classroom not saying anything. Six months later seeing them leading worship and calling others to stand up and participate together. That's the highlight for me, students finding their identity, purpose, and mission."

SBC is hosting two upcoming golf tournaments with one at Quarry Oaks Golf Course near Steinbach on June 4. The other is June 18 at Minawasta near Morden. People can register up until the events here

"It's a fun event and it's a fundraising event. The support of the community is so very significant and encouraging to us on our mission."