The Youth for Christ (YFC) program in Altona is left without a home following a long-weekend water break at its 1st St. NW facility. 

Marty Falk, co-director at The Station, said he discovered the leak when he showed up for work on Tuesday morning.

"I opened the door and I entered the building to what sounded like waterfalls," he explained. Falk added there was about a quarter-of-an-inch of water on the main floor which flowed through the building's ventilation system and into the basement, covering the lower level with about two inches of water.

After some searching and trying to locate the source of the leak, Falk said he discovered that a two-inch pipe connecting the coffee maker to the building's water line had burst. Upon checking the video surveillance at the building, he suspects the break happened around 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. Monday evening. 

TheStationFlooded1 Sept2018

As for damage, Falk is confident the floor will have to be replaced, along with the counter under which the water line ran. He added the contents of the building are also heavily damaged, such as electronics and other items that were stored in the basement. While an insurance adjustor and restoration crew have already visited the scene, no cost estimate of the damage has been given at this time.

The YFC staff and Board of Directors will work with insurance adjusters regarding the contents of the facility. The actual building, formerly known as the Altona Police Station, is still owned by the Town of Altona and therefore local officials will be dealing separately regarding that insurance claim.

Meantime, Co-director Sheridan Sawatzky says they'll be looking for a new, temporary home for The Station.

"The Station isn't that big to begin with so we make-due with anything really," he said. "There's probably churches in the area that we could use. We're currently open three evenings a week."

He admitted that the recent circumstances have forced the delay of some programs slated to start this fall at The Station.

If people feel the need to help, Falk said they can do so by supporting the YFC BBQ lunch every Wednesday through the end of September.