The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is asking Canadians to join Christians around the world in a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine on May 21.

The original call to this prayer came from the All-Africa Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches. 

Over 20 million people are in danger of starvation in areas of South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen which has prompted these two organizations to ask for unity in praying for an end to hunger in these specific countries as well as an end to conflict which often results in the danger of starvation.

Foodgrains Bank Executive Director Jim Cornelius stated in a news release, “as a Christian, I am reminded that when challenges—including massive global challenges—seem overwhelming, one thing we must do is pray, opening our hearts to the needs of others,” he adds.  “And then we need to get on with the work of responding.”

Since January 2017, the Foodgrains Bank has been responding to the hunger emergencies in South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia with over $2.5 million worth of assistance.

People who want to donate to help people caught in this food crisis can do so on the Foodgrains Bank website at