Artists from different regions across the world are pleased to show the final product of their work that makes up the Warming Hut displays along the Nestaweya River Trail.

For the past week, guests from Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Montréal, and Winnipeg have been at The Forks building this year’s Warming Huts including Azhe’O, Curtain, Flowing Lands, Hayspace, Meanwhile We Still Dream, and NIX.

"It’s always an honour to witness the unveiling of the completed Warming Huts. They go from an idea on paper to works of art that become a living gallery for all to enjoy on our frozen rivers," says Sara Stasiuk, CEO of The Forks North Portage. "The teams this year are from diverse backgrounds around the globe, bringing their own perspectives and experiences to our community. They are joined by our first high school team to be part of the official program and the University of Manitoba’s team."

During what is called "Blitz Building Week," local, national and international artists gathered as they built their installations and connected with the other artists. 

Along with that the winning teams took a trip to the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture and participated in a 10x20x20 event hosted by the Warming Huts competition sponsor, the Manitoba Association of Architects.

"The MAA has been proud to offer its support to the Warming Huts initiative for more than a decade," says Jon Trenholm, President of the Manitoba Association of Architects. "The number of huts on display truly brings the Nestaweya River Trail to life and we’ve enjoyed watching it become one of the most beloved winter attractions our city has to offer."

A one-on-one mentorship opportunity is available with local and international teams for student representatives from the six schools with Warming Hut submissions in this first year of the funded school program. 

"Winnipeg always opens its’ arms to welcome the Warming Hut winners and gleans their wisdom," says Peter Hargraves the Principal of Sputnik Architecture. "It’s incredible to witness the sharing of information, community, connection, and mentorship with the Warming Huts competition."

Now that the Warming Huts are completed along the Nestaweya River Trail at The Forks, festivities can begin.

In a new way to get people acquainted with the art installations, free walking tours of Warming Huts are taking place on Saturdays, February 4, 11, and 18 at 1 p.m. Guests are expected to register for their free tickets as space is limited to ensure the best experience.