Fresh IE sits down with Mike Thom to talk about his new single inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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While Fresh has been making music for decades, he says there's never been a source of inspiration quite like this for his new single, "OK."

However, he says "I've always responded to situations that's affecting the masses, in terms of suicide and those things, I've been battling that for years. Going up north and doing my part to tear down that spirit of suicide with our young people.

"God is going to get glory in this time"

"So, I mean, that's always been sort of a driving force as who I am as Fresh IE. To go into communities and help develop and to really help the problems that are going on in the communities. Not as crazy as what's going on right now, but it's something I've been doing for a while."

Fresh says he wasn't trying to take advantage of a situation, but rather provide encouragement in the midst of it.

He says he wanted to respond to the fear and anxiety that many people are facing. "I just have peace to know that God is doing something in the midst of all this right now."

That's exactly what "OK" speaks to.

"The thing that rings to me is in the Bible it says that what the enemy meant for bad God is going to use for good. God is going to get glory in this time. With regards to what happens in terms of people passing away and those things, you know, it's unfortunate that we're losing people to this disease or whatever you want to call it, but I know that God is good. Even in the hard times, God is good."

Fresh says he wanted to convey through the song a call for people to rely on God, and to also rise up and become who they were created to be.

Check out the video for 'OK' here