She was used to doing radio, having experience in Ontario before arriving at CHVN, but doing traffic reports in a city where the same street has four different names was a little confusing.

Dana Rogalsky came to CHVN when her husband Craig was stationed at CFB Winnipeg. Rogalsky had trained for broadcasting in the late 1970s and had experience not only in radio but also television when she started at CHVN in 2009.

"I loved the concerts that CHVN would do," Rogalsky says looking back at her time at the station. "They were always so exciting and to be able to connect with the listeners was great. I loved that."

Perhaps her favourite memory, though, was her show, One Heart. It was a weekly feature that had in-depth interviews with local pastors.

"To be able to have the pastors in and have a solid hour with each of them, and find out what their heart was, what their ministry was, whether they had a megachurch or a small rural church, it was always fascinating to me. I think it was really valuable for the rest of the Christian community in the greater Winnipeg area to hear what other churches were doing."

In 2011 the Rogalskys moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Dana went on staff with the local Youth With a Mission. She began to lead the YWAM teams on three-month outreach trips to the Middle East.

"That was super exciting. On one of those trips, which I co-led with my daughter, she co-led the team with me to Lebanon where we worked with Syrian refugees for three months. When we came back to Colorado she said, 'I have a heart for the Syrians. I want to go back there, and she's lived there ever since."

Dana and Craig began to also transition full time to the Middle East. They would land in Egypt where they lived for four years.

Transitioning from radio to missions work was an easy transition, she says. "It's all about the message, right? And the message should stay the same: the Good News of Jesus Christ. Whether you're saying it on the radio, through the airwaves, or whether you're sharing it over a cup of tea, it's the Good News, it's the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

In fact, she says, that radio experience led to mission work, as she trained the staff of an online radio station which broadcasts to Northern Africa with that Good News. "I was able to train them with some of the skills and knowledge I knew."

Today she's back in Ontario, and has taught broadcasting at a local college as well as work with MCC.

Rogalsky says she looks back at her time in Winnipeg with fondness and calls her years here a positive experience. Now, she says, she's waiting on her next adventure.