Future Hope offers restorative justice to men coming out of prison, most often men who have no deep connection with others, and no community to call their own. 

Heather Grant-Jury is a Board member and Chairperson the Fund Development Committee of the Board with Future Hope.

"Our next step program started in 2001 and what is key to this program is that we get to meet the fellows in prison before they're released," says Grant-Jury. "So this really helps build a relationship."

Once the men are out of prison and signed up with Future Hope, they start off living in community at Quixote House in Winnipeg. While there, the men are participating in the next step program. 

"We mostly deal with men who have little or no support when they're released, so they're coming out with no friends, no family, no connection. We offer safe, sober, and affordable housing, so usually, there is a really big need."

Once the men have been accepted into Future Hope, they have immediate responsibilities. 

"The men work with our next step coordinator and we have a full-time House manager. We schedule that move-in date and we review all the residential agreements. For a lot of guys, these are signing your name on a dotted line that commits you to some responsibility. They're looking at the residential drug agreements, rules of the house, parole conditions, and their curfew."

One of the biggest benefits of living in Quixote house is the communal living aspect that helps men get ready to reintegrate as contributing members of society. 

"Everybody in the house takes part in chores. You take your responsibilities and learn how to cook. If you don't know how to cook. We'll show you how to cook and that week is yours."

Future Hope also helps men get all their documents and papers needed to live life outside of prison. 

A few ways people can give back to this charity are as follows:

  • Make a monetary donation or drop off gift cards
  • Tickets to outings
  • Become a program volunteer
  • Bring toiletries, warm clothes, or bedding for the men

People who want to donate to Future Hope on Giving Tuesday can click here