A new initiative is underway to bring the world together in prayer and worship.

Gather25, led by a collection of ministries, partners, and leaders, hopes to see every Christian from every denomination from every continent come together for a full day of worship, repentance and commissioning in 2025. 

"I pray that the spirit of God, in a fresh new way, will move across the nations of the world. From New Zealand. From China. From Russia. From Ukraine. From all the nations of the world. From Brazil. From Peru. From every city, of every village, of every tiny place, where there are tribes that have never been reached with the good news of our lord Jesus Christ. God, we pray for new commissioning of the church."

Over 25 hours, the global church will connect through live-streaming technology. Each continent will host a portion of the event, with stories being told of what God is doing on each continent. 

"Every nation. Every denomination. Every man, woman, and child who follows Jesus is invited to Gather25. We want every local church to come together as the Global Church."

Gather25 will take place on Saturday, March 1, 2025.