An American Idol contestant wowed judges during a recent audition.

17-year-old Jennifer Jefferies of Mississippi sang an original song called 'Change My Ways,' which talked about finding a way back to God.

"I have been feeding flesh. I have been living in sin. My mouth’s been running wild, and I’ve been acting like a wild child,” sang Jefferies. "I'll sing your praise for all my days. I finally changed, Lord. Make your ways my ways." 

In the interview leading up to her audition, Jefferies talked about the inspiration behind her songs. 

"The songs I write are about personal things. Things I've been through. Things I've witnessed. I write them so people can connect with them and know they're not alone because a lot happens in life. A lot of pain, but a lot of joy, so I try to capture both."

The judges were blown away after hearing Jefferies's powerful performance.

"I was not expecting that voice," said Luke Bryan. "I was sitting here thinking the same thing," Lionel Ritchie replied.

Katie Perry echoed the other two judges, giving her the first yes. All three judges agreed, giving Jefferies a golden ticket.

"I’m at a loss of words right now!" said Jefferies in a post on social media. "I cannot express how thankful I am to be going to HOLLYWOOD!!!!"

 In 2022, Jefferies wrote about her faith journey on Instagram, speaking about misconceptions she had about God and Christianity.

"Only being loved by God while in the church. Being a flaw in God's design. Being dammed to hell for all my wrongdoings," said Jefferies in her post. "I have never been more glad to be so wrong."

She went on to say that God's love is not paper thin. It's not confined to staying between four walls. As Christians, she says, no sin can keep us out of heaven. 

"We shouldn’t use grace as an excuse for sin, but we shouldn’t use sin as an excuse not to forgive."

Jefferies has already grown a massive fan base, with hundreds of people responding on Instagram. 

"Ohhhhh my goodness, girl! Your voice moved me to tears! I can't waitttt to see where you go! Congratulations!" said one fan. "You have been given an amazing gift from your Lord!!!! Keep on keeping on! You are such a great singer!!! Beautiful music from a beautiful soul, young lady!"

American Idol airs weekly on Sunday nights.