A group of musicians, preachers, and others from various congregations are teaming up to bring a special evening focussed on uniting the Church of Winnipeg and help one another go deeper in their faith.

Deeper is a special evening of worship, prayer, and a gospel message coming up on Jan. 20 at New Beginnings Church (1073 St. Mary's Road), at 6 p.m. 

"Christians and non-Christians alike, Christ calls us to a deeper relationship with Himself, where we encounter His Steadfast Love, and experience His Life and His peace," the group posted on social media.


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"The Lord's been stirring in the church across the city for some time," Rachel Smith, who's part of the choir and running administration and promotional tasks, shared.

"You bump into a believer and get into conversation about how they're looking for opportunities to pray and to share the gospel and spend time in worship and to just host the presence of God really in their lives," Smith says.

She says it's become obvious to her and other leaders with the worhsip night that God is moving in people's hearts and wants to unite believers.

"The Lord's stirring this and I've had the privilege of joining people in their (churches) over the last year for these purposes. Deeper really is just a night of joint effort where individuals who are burning with (this) same desire, and the Lord has been placing in their heart His desire for the city or gathering together to make His name known and to provide a space for others to encounter Him and for us as well."

Smith says the team is getting excited to see how God moves, as they prepare for Saturday night.


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"The Spirit of God is so responsive to hunger and to unity and to the adoration of Jesus," Smith says.  She believes that desire for unity and hunger for worship of Jesus "is a result of His presence" in people's lives.

A great opportunity to introduce friends to Jesus

Even though Smith has only been involved for a short time, she says this has been a long time in the making.

"For myself, I've been involved for a few weeks now, but some of the individuals that are helping to organize this, it's the continuation of something that began two years ago. They had an event like this two years ago and it wasn't widely advertised or anything. Whoever came came. And 20 people gave their life to the Lord."

The group is hoping to spread the word about this weekend's event, so that those kinds of results will not only repeat themselves, but grow.

Smith says that this event is a great opportunity to share the gospel with those who may not have heard it before. 

"You know what God has in store or who will be stepping through the doors and this event certainly isn't just for people who have never heard the name of Jesus before or who have never believed in him. I just know that when you come into the presence of God and you encounter the person of Jesus, you've changed."

The group hopes that representatives from churches throughout the city will attend. This way, if anyone comes without a home church, they can connect with one in their neighborhood. Organizers are hoping to add more events in the coming year, and CHVN will keep you updated on those dates.

Check out the full interview with Rachel down below.