Amy Farley was recently recognized for her leadership in missions by receiving the Young Influencer Award at the Assemblies of God's Influence Conference. In her acceptance speech, she shared how God brought healing to her life.

Farley was a missionary in Senegal for six years when her life changed forever on May 19, 2014.

Farley says that at 2:00 a.m. her bedroom door opened. "Within seconds I obviously knew this was a bad situation," Farley tells the Assemblies of God News. Two men entered her room, bound her arms, blindfolded her and raped her at knifepoint over the course of two hours. The men had threatened throughout the ordeal to abduct her or murder her, however, they eventually left.

Fellow missionaries helped her make plans to leave the country soon after and she returned to her parents Texas home. However, she eventually went to Seattle, WA where AG operates Ministry Resources International, a counselling centre for ministers. Farley underwent daily counselling sessions for eight months.

"I’m not the person I was before the attack ... I like much better who I am now."

"In the healing process, Farley grappled with why God allowed such a horrific event to happen after she had responded to a missionary calling. Many nights she piled as much furniture as possible in front of her bedroom door, concerned about another attack. She processed her doubts and anger, spending much time with AG ordained minister Jodi Detrick," AG News writes.

“In the long journey I realized God didn’t abandon me, He didn’t forsake me,” Farley tells AG News. “I never thought of walking away from my faith.”

Just nine months after the attack Farley was invited to Vietnam to spend time with missionary friends there, Joel and Marie Watson. She says it's there while spending time with orphans that the Lord began to rejuvenate her heart.

What was initially supposed to be a three-week stay turned into one year. However, just two days after returning from Vietnam, Joel Watson collapsed and died. Farley agreed to take over the Watson's ministry on an interim basis while a replacement was found. But Farley became that replacement, being voted in as the pastor of the River Church in Ho Chi Minh City last December.

"So many people prayed for me through such a dark and hopeless time," Farley says. "Through this I’ve definitely learned the value of the family of God."

"I’m not the person I was before the attack, even through all the grief and pain. I like much better who I am now. My love for the Father is so much deeper, my love for people is so much greater, and my faith is so much stronger."