Billy Graham's granddaughter says that she is seeing God moving in the midst of difficult circumstances, as she continues to struggle with heart issues. 

Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, the daughter of Anne Graham Lotz, was rushed to hospital over the Easter weekend after experiencing chest pain.

In an update on Facebook with her mom, the women explain that they had just finished shooting a video for their latest project on Good Friday. Lotz Wright then began to experience chest pain on Saturday and was taken to hospital by ambulance. The pain was especially concerning as she suffered two heart attacks on Saturday, January 8.

In an update on Easter Sunday, while Lotz Wright was still in hospital, Graham Lotz wrote that "While we are not afraid, we are trusting whatever this is, it is part of God's perfect plan for her."

On Tuesday the mother-daughter duo took to Facebook with a video after Lotz Wright was released from hospital, to give thanks to God and encourage their followers.

Lotz Wright says God has "answered so many prayers" through the struggles of the past few months, and they are now seeing a purpose indeed play out. 

"One big thing I've seen is that as hard as this whole battle has been for me, God measures it; like it goes to a point, but then He steps in and takes care of you through all those hard things. So you still get all the needles and the IVs that don't work and we have to do it again, but God just took care of every step and brought doctors in that figured it out."

She encourages others who have been facing their own battles in life, saying she wants her own health problems to be a testimony to others. "I want it to be an encouragement to somebody who may be going through a lot of crisis situations in your own life, going to the hospital over and over, and you keep asking people for prayer and it just keeps going. God has a purpose for it," she says.

Her mom says part of the purpose for Lotz Wright is thas been that being rushed to the hospital has now resulted in a diagnosis after months of going without one. They were encouraged by a passage from Job 12:9-10. "He said this thing is from me, and He gives every creature breath," Lotz Graham says, "and we were just claiming that and believe that for some reason this was part of his purpose.

"I believe that one of the purpose for Rachel is that now she has a diagnosis so now we can treat this pain that she's been having. So we just want to reassure you that our God is a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering, miracle-working, covenant-keeping God."


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