Fresh IE takes listeners from the valley low up to the mountaintop with his brand-new album, pointing to the Lord's hope in dark times.

"It's an interesting project that God has placed on my heart," says Robert Wilson, stage name Fresh IE, about this new album. 

The name of the album is Heart Breaks and it has 17 fresh songs on it. Each one is a mix of funk, hip-hop, R&B, and soul. 

"I remember one day God spoke to me in His Word, it says out of our heart flow the issues of life and that our heart can be very deceitful. He said not to be led by our heart or five senses but being led by the Spirit. It really challenged me," says Wilson.

October 24 is an important date for Wilson as he has much to celebrate; the album release and his birthday.

"The album is about how God can heal us and bring restoration in our heartbreaks," he says.

Wilson understands what it's like to be in the 'valley' of life.

"I've lost some really key people in my life over the last five years and it's been a climb getting out of the valley back to the mountaintop, where God wants me to be."

Wilson says many of the songs are about his relationship with God. 

"I really wanted to be creative in terms of the approach to connect with believers and non-believers who are going through this time. The album is a journey that starts off in the struggles. Slowly, half-way through, here comes a purpose, and realize there's a purpose for our heartbreak, that God will use what was meant for bad for good."

The album holds 17 new songs, including recently released singles like 'Ooh', 'Veterans Day', and a remix of 'Lead Me On'.

"By the time you get to the end of the album, the second last song is called 'Kit-Kat'. It almost has a Motown feel to it. It says 'My love is like a Kit-Kat and you need a break."

Like a good book, the album moves in succession of the songs till they reach the climax, in this case, the hope that comes after a dark night.

"The whole project leads to this great moment where, in God we are everything. Without Him, we can do nothing. Whether it's marriage, ministry, education, raising kids, it's so hard when we start leaning on our own understanding. But when we actually give all that to God, we can have victory."

Wilson had what he calls a God-moment. Wrapping up the album he realized that the studio was a mess. As he was cleaning, he found a piece of paper under his keyboard with a verse he wrote some time ago that says "My strength is made perfect in your weakness". 

"That totally summed up the whole project," says Wilson.

To celebrate this release, Wilson will be doing a live video stream all day on his social media